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Hiring technical workers like HVAC technicians can be challenging. To do so successfully, you need a comprehensive, repeatable process that covers all of your bases.

Read on to know everything that you need to know about adding an HVAC technician to your team to make sure you find the best person for the job.

The when and why of hiring an HVAC technician 

HVAC is an abbreviation that’s short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. As the acronym implies, someone who works as an HVAC technician specializes in these types of systems. 

More specifically, HVAC technicians install, maintain, and repair air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. Some technicians specialize in one of those systems while others work as generalists doing a bit of everything.


The first step to figuring out how to hire an HVAC technician is to make sure that you really need one. Most companies will only want to hire an additional worker if at least one of the following factors is true:

If you’re experiencing one of these things, then that’s a great sign that it’s time to hire a new HVAC technician. It may still be okay to hire one without experiencing one of these factors. Just be careful that you’re not overcommitting yourself and risking taking on more financial commitments than your business can handle.

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HVAC technician key roles and responsibilities

HVAC technicians travel to their customers instead of the other way around. They may be asked to work on everything from repairing a leaking pipe to installing a new HVAC system.

The exact tasks that someone in this job performs vary based on who employs them. That’s why it’s really important for HVAC employers to accurately list the responsibilities of their available position when hiring a new HVAC technician.

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the most common tasks that HVAC technicians are hired to complete:

Factors to consider when hiring HVAC technicians

There are a number of things to think about while looking for a new HVAC technician to add to your team. Here are six factors that should be at the top of your mind during this process.


If you’re serious about getting the most out of your next hire, you shouldn’t just hire any old HVAC technician. Instead, you want to make sure that you’re choosing an applicant who is an excellent fit for the unique nature of your available job.

For example, maybe HVAC technicians at your company spend most of their time installing new HVAC systems instead of repairing old ones. In that case, it would be better to hire someone who specializes in this task.

That’s why it’s usually a good idea to begin by understanding exactly what you’re looking for in an HVAC technician. Then you can begin using the remaining factors on this list to differentiate your candidates from one another.


Employers often neglect to consider the importance of people skills when hiring HVAC technicians. However, a huge component of this job is spending time with customers, answering their questions, and working respectfully in their homes. 

It’s essential that you hire a candidate who isn’t going to tarnish your brand’s reputation while they do their work. So make sure you get some in-person time with the applicants that you’re serious about to ensure they’ll represent you well.


Official qualifications include things like degrees, certifications, and other paper-backed achievements. Most employers who hire HVAC technicians want to see a successful candidate possess at least a certificate from a recognized trade school, community college, or technical school. But your requirements may differ.

Degrees and certifications are a great way to compare your candidates to one another. They are objective measurements that provide a clear sense of how well different applicants understand the HVAC trade and what that might mean for your company.


Although degrees and certifications are important factors to consider, it’s also essential to go beyond them before you make a hiring decision. You also want to make sure that your new HVAC technician has enough real-world experience to hit the ground running in your position.

The exact amount of real-world experience that you’re looking for will vary based on the nature of the position. HVAC supervisors typically need at least three years of work experience before being qualified enough to take on the role.


It’s also worth making sure that any candidate you’re considering hiring is going to be a good fit for your company culture before you elect to do so. 

For example, maybe you try to maintain a brand image of upbeat, positive professionalism. If so, you would want to consider whether the applicant that you’re about to hire would support that image or pull attention away from it.

Also, the new hire is going to be much more likely to stick around and succeed in the role if they’re happy and getting along with everyone. So you may consider how their personality would mesh with the rest of the team’s personalities before you make your decision.


HVAC technicians need to have a professional license before they can work for clients. It’s important to be aware of this as you work through your hiring process. If an applicant already has a license, make sure to verify that it’s legitimate before hiring them.

You could also hire the right candidate without a license. But you would just need to go into that situation with eyes wide open to the fact that they would need to earn the license before starting.

Additional tips for a smoother HVAC hiring process

Looking for more insight into the HVAC technician hiring process? Here are three additional tips to help you out.


Depending on your location, you may face a lot of competition for attracting the best local HVAC talent. To ensure you get the attention of top applicants, you’ll need to put together a compelling job post.

But don’t worry. Yours doesn’t have to be complicated. You really just need to include:

Many people also choose to include information about benefits and pay in their job postings. It’s not a requirement. But showing that you offer a strong benefits package or pay rate could help you attract more candidates.


When you post an HVAC job online, you’re often competing with tons of different companies across the country for the same pool of applicants. If you make it really difficult to complete your application, candidates are just going to look elsewhere.

One way to make it easier for people to apply for your job is to post it on as many job sites as you can. This will allow applicants to use their preferred site when applying. 

You might also try limiting the amount of information you request from applicants at first. For example, you could just ask for a few details and then use those submissions to discover the applicants that you really want to talk to about the job.


Recommendations are an under-utilized way to find great applicants. If you’ve been in the HVAC business for a while, there’s a good chance you know lots of other people who are as well. And if that’s the case, at least one of them is sure to know a good candidate who’s looking for a new HVAC job.

So consider asking around a bit with your contacts while you’re looking for your next HVAC technician. If they make a good recommendation, you could significantly simplify the hiring process.

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