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Auto mechanics play an important role in ensuring our vehicles are able to get us where we need to go. 

They can perform maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics on a wide variety of automobiles. But if you need to hire a new auto mechanic, finding the right one for the position can feel like a challenge – let’s take a look at what to look for. 

Determine the specific type of auto mechanic you want

The first thing to do is clarify what exactly you’re looking for in a new auto mechanic. 

Usually, not all auto mechanics focus on the same elements. For example, you can look for a generalist who is capable of performing a variety of vehicle maintenance and repair tasks –  but who maybe isn’t an expert in any of them.

Or, you might want to look for someone who specializes in a particular area. For example, you might be interested in hiring an expert in:


It’s also important to consider how much experience you want the person that you hire to have early on in the process.

For example, the candidates that you should be reviewing will likely differ greatly based on whether you want an entry-level worker or someone who can oversee others in a garage.

Try to decide on both the area of expertise and the experience level of your ideal candidate before moving on to the next phase of the hiring process.

Look for qualified candidates online and off

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to actually start looking. 

You’ll likely want to search for an auto mechanic both online and off of it in order to make sure that you grab the attention of as many qualified candidates as possible.

You might look for auto mechanics offline with resources like:

Online, there are dozens of platforms you can use to find skilled applicants. One great choice for exactly this is Surehand. 

Our platform automatically considers what you’re looking for based on the inputs you provide. We use that information to provide you with a steady stream of applicants who fit the exact criteria that you’re looking for.

You can download the Surehand app today to experience the difference we provide for industrial job employees and employers alike. 

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Once you figure out where you’re going to be looking for from your future auto mechanic, it’s time to create listings for your job opportunity. 

Often, the best job listings clearly state what you’re looking for, what the job entails, and a range of how much you will pay a qualified candidate for their work.

The key is to keep things as short and simple as possible without eliminating any important information. Keeping it concise can encourage more people to read your job description, which increases the chances that you will find the right candidate.

Evaluate your candidates’ skills

When the applicants begin reaching out, it’s time to start evaluating their skills.

Here are five ways to do that so that you can be sure you hire someone who will satisfy the job requirements as effectively as possible.


First, take into account any official measurements of skill a candidate presents. This includes qualifications like diplomas and certificates. 

It’s important to review these because they serve as an objective measuring tool. If you know someone has a diploma from a respected school, then you know they likely have at least a baseline understanding of the industry.


Next up on your evaluation checklist is employment history. This is how you know that a candidate is capable of bringing what they learned in the classroom out into the real world.

There are several different things to consider while looking at an applicant’s employment history. This includes the professional reputation of the companies they’ve worked for and how long they spent in each place.

A candidate having moved around a lot – or stuck with one company – can both bring pros and cons, so it may help to consider how their experience aligns with your specific needs. 


Interviews are your chance to ask detailed questions about a candidate’s on-paper qualifications. Here are some questions you might consider asking:


You may also want to ask your applicants to complete an online aptitude test as part of the interview process. This could happen before or after you meet them in person.

Online aptitude tests are a great way to compare candidates to one another in an objective way. They can help to tell you who knows the most about the type of work that you’re hiring them to do.


It can also be a smart move to ask your applicants to complete a real-world “practice problem”. 

Like an aptitude test, this method allows you to compare candidates in an objective way. 

However, practice problems have the bonus of letting you compare the real-world mechanical skills of your candidates – instead of just their theoretical knowledge of vehicle maintenance and repair.

Consider soft skills

At this stage of the process, you may have a strong idea of who the best candidates for the job are. 

But, before you make a final decision, it can be wise to confirm that your favorite applicant’s soft skills are a good fit for what you’re looking for.

Soft factors include things like scheduling availability, customer service skills, communication, and even personality. The goal for this step is to perform a final check that verifies the person you’re preparing to hire will be a great all-around addition to your existing team.

That being said, soft skills are often more subjective than many of the other factors that you will review throughout the hiring process. So aim to use your best judgment here above all else.

Putting together a competitive job offer for an auto mechanic

If you want to attract the best talent in your area, you’re probably going to want to present job offers that stand apart from the competition. 

To do that, it can be incredibly helpful to understand what constitutes a strong offer for an auto mechanic.


According to the United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics make an average of $44,050 per year. That equates to about $21.18 per hour.

However, the going-rate for a high-quality mechanic in your area could be higher or lower depending on where you live. For example, mechanics in California make an average of $54,540 annually, while those in South Carolina make an average of $42,670 per year.


Putting together a strong benefits package can also help you attract higher-quality auto mechanic applicants. Good benefit packages for mechanics may include a wide variety of perks, such as:

You don’t have to offer your new hire all of these things if doing so isn’t financially feasible. But erring on the side of generosity now could pay dividends down the line in terms of employee loyalty and the quality of candidate you’re ultimately able to hire.


Your scheduling demands can also play a big role in the types of applicants that will be attracted to your job offer. 

The ideal schedule for most mechanics is something like 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

It may be fine to go a bit outside the lines here – but asking a mechanic to always work weekends or to stay late every single day may cause your best applicants to look elsewhere.

Trust yourself to make the right decision

If you’ve followed the steps listed above, you’re most likely prepared to make a hiring decision!

Pick the candidate that you like best and don’t worry if they don’t feel like a perfect fit right away. With training and some patience on your end, there’s a very good chance that you’ve found a new auto mechanic that will satisfy exactly what you’ve been searching for.


When you’re ready to begin reviewing the best auto mechanic candidates in your area, be sure to check out Surehand.

Our platform connects employers with employees that match their exact specifications. You can sit back and relax while we provide you with a steady stream of high-quality applicants to review.

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