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How to Hire a Machinist – A Guide

In today’s world, technology is king. There are a lot of different machines that various businesses need to be successful. If you want to rise above the competition, you need someone on your team to operate and repair the machinery that keeps your business thriving. 

Hiring a machinist is critical for a shop, and it is also a tall order to find one. A machinist needs a lot of skill. That means the machinists with experience are in high demand, so hiring and retaining one requires some effort. 

This article will guide you and make the process of finding and hiring a machinist a bit easier. 

Machinist skills you are looking for

What do you need to look for when hiring a machinist? Here is what you need to know. 


A machinist is a person who assembles, fabricates, or repairs machinery. Machinists not only do repairs but also have the necessary tooling skills to operate the machinery. They use machine tools like milling machines, lathes, and grinders to make precision metal parts.

Machinists use their acquired knowledge about the properties of metals and their machine tooling skills to plan and continue with the operation to make machined products that meet the requirements.


At some point, machining shops feel the pain of the lack of skilled labor; Machining jobs are tough to fill, and the gap is widening. 

Therefore, the demand for skilled machinists is higher than the supply because fewer young individuals volunteer to learn machining skills that the machine shops require.

The following are ways of mitigating the shortage of skilled labor:

It would help if you had a genuine and fantastic culture that can focus on the overall growth and success of your customers and your team.

A culture instills confidence in people and makes them feel loved, respected, safe, and understood. Construct a structure your customers and employees can love. 

A system for regular meetings, training lessons, considering open-book management, free tuitions, frequent field trips, and accessible foods or even drinks will create excitement and pleasure across your team and customers.

Furthermore, since machinists know each other in various shops, they can have positive conversations about your shop and how they love your company when they meet. As a result, many qualified machinists may come knocking in search of employment. 

Community partnerships can help you create awareness about your company in machining trades, and they can also help to show that modern machine shops are different from those in the past.

Take part in your local schools and vocational facilities career activities and offer field trips to your company.

Call or inform the professors of the various colleges in your locality to be guest lecturers and attend recruitment sessions. In addition, look for any available opportunities to sponsor any local STEM events in schools.

When you offer fair wages and any added incentives, your company can increase the chances of recruiting top-notch skilled personnel. Having flexible working schedules and paying your employees on time can increase work balance, free tuition can promote learning continuity, and profit-sharing enables the workers to plan their futures easily.

In addition, clear career advancement paths can show the potential growth in the company. Past beliefs of a dirt working environment in the machine shops should change to modern machine shops that are clean, focusing on advanced machining skills and programming.

However, modern-day generations have rapidly grown due to technological changes, and the way to find skilled machinists is to find people who succeed in continually evolving environments.

Even if you hire recent school graduates or workers with vast experience in the machining industry, you need to provide extra training lessons to increase the employees’ machining skills.

Of course, new employees may impress and embrace their new occupations after receiving their training lessons.

Additionally, always provide onboard mentorship training programs; in this case, the mentor and mentee can learn from each other.

Always use digital training platforms and help your workers improve their skills, and provide opportunities for them to attend any educational lessons at tradeshows.

You can also hire individuals who have a great cultural fit for your shop and help them gain the skills you want them to have by training them with the necessary machine knowledge.

Like selling goods and services to your new customers, you need to always sell your company to potential employees. Therefore, construct a fun and unique team web page, and this web page can pick out and emphasize your events, benefits, working staff, and volunteer work.

Many shops refer to their employees as valuable assets, therefore attracting more individuals than by shouting from rooftops. Thus, you can recruit more people because you may stand out from other companies.

You can create new opportunities by using SaaS-based cloud solutions for current employees. It can also prevent employees from churn.

Because many companies have grown as digital natives and are running their applications in the cloud, they think very fast.

Today’s generation of machining and manufacturing employees may not work on a workstation or accept working under green screens. Therefore, they tend to go to a company with modern systems.

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Essential interview questions and what they tell the employer

Here are important interview questions that an interviewer may ask a machinist candidate:


With this question, employers can quickly determine what sets this candidate apart—or at least what each candidate thinks sets them apart. Ideally, this means getting down to the nitty-gritty of what this person has to contribute.


This question helps you as a potential employer to figure out whether the applicant truly has relevant experience to the position you’re trying to fill. Not only will the answer to this question tell you about the usefulness of their training, but it’ll also give you a sense of how confident they are in what they have learned.


To choose the right applicant, you must consider more than just their experience and training. Character is also important, and there’s no better test of character than stressful circumstances. An honest answer to this question will tell you a lot about your potential future employee.


Maybe the applicant in front of you has the right training, experience, and temperament to work for your company, but that still doesn’t mean it’s the right fit. With this question, you make sure your potential employee shares the same goals as your company. Studies show that shared goals can go a long way towards motivating employees, and a motivated employee is the kind you want. 


It can take new hires from six months to a year to get up to speed in their new jobs. That’s a long time! This question will help you to see whether or not this applicant’s heart is really in it. You don’t want to invest your time and money into an employee who is going to offer a lackluster performance. 

Competitive salary for machinists

Since machinists involve power tools, this occupation can be dangerous. Therefore, after employment, the employer trains the new employees for one or two years.

The wages of Machinists range from $24000 to $36000—the wages are based on the level of education and experience gained. In addition to this, the range of salary widely varies due to additional skills and certifications. Machinists make a total of $39,500 in a year. In the District of Columbia, machinists earn the highest salary, making an average salary of around $55,270.

Retaining skilled machinists

Companies that want to retain skilled machinists should apply the following tips:


Employers should reward their hardworking machinists. They should also acknowledge their employees publicly. For example, they should give their employees bonuses and public praise. These create goodwill and loyalty amongst the employees and the employers.


Companies should enhance team-building since this can increase the company’s performance. They can be achieved by frequent meetings and providing regular field trips.


Companies that promote creative thinking always encourage and attract top talents, especially machinists. In addition, when companies have creative minds, they make their workers enjoy working and always feel connected.


It is crucial to ensure that your employees grow. Companies can build an institutional structure that can allow for career development.


Many employees quit their jobs because of their bosses but not the company. Therefore, a company needs competent management starting from managers, executives, and founders, to ensure excellent leadership that can promote integrity.

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