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Expand Your Skills and Advance Your Career

Team Surehand is pleased to announce the launch of our Skills Marketplace—a searchable online directory of training providers, trade schools, and academic institutions that offer opportunities for you to expand your skills, increase your earning potential, and advance your career in the skilled industrial trades. (Best of all, the directory is free for Surehand worker users.)

Over 100 training providers are already on the marketplace, and we’re adding many more each week. Featured providers offer training opportunities in nondestructive testing (NDT) methods and techniques, welding inspection, welding, rope access, commercial drones, and more. Using the search feature, you can quickly and easily find the program that’s just right for your career objectives. There are multiple options to refine your search results:


Did a friend or colleague tell you about a great training provider that you’d like to learn more about? This search option lets you enter in the name (or part of the name) of the organization you’re looking for.


Use this search option if you’re looking for something specific or if the other search refinement options aren’t giving you the results you expected. Keyword search will scan the marketplace and find providers and programs by matching the text information in the listings against the keyword(s) you’re searching for.


The skills search option is mapped to Surehand’s proprietary industrial skills taxonomy for the job functions and industry sectors we serve. Our employer partner talent search activity is also mapped to this taxonomy. As a result, you can view the skills that are in demand by employers at any given time and then easily see the training providers who can help you acquire those skills. Check out the Insights feature on your Surehand Worker dashboard to see what skills are hot right now.


With the new learning technologies launched over the past twenty years, there are a multitude of delivery methods that trade schools and academic institutions use to delivery learning content to their students. You may search the skills marketplace based on how you receive your training, also known as course type:


If you’re searching for in-person or blended training opportunities, this search option lets you refine provider search results by country (currently U.S. and Canada only), state or province, or a combination of multiple states and/or provinces.

Consistent with our steadfast commitment to reduce labor shortages and underemployment in the skilled industrial trades, worker access to our Skills Marketplace is offered at no-cost for our registered worker users.

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