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One of the biggest drivers at the root of the shortage of skilled trades workers in the U.S. is a decades-old narrative that has undervalued vocational training and apprenticeship. In addition, a lack of awareness of the trades career paths at the middle and high school levels has resulted in fewer and fewer entrants into these once-vibrant professions.

As part of Surehand’s unwavering commitment to reducing labor shortages and un/underemployment in the industrial sector, we are proud to announce the Rock the Trades™ workforce development initiative—dedicated to celebrating the American industrial worker; raising awareness of the skilled trades as rewarding career paths; and advancing industry diversity and inclusion.

Honor, Inform & Empower

Our vision for the campaign centers on three main objectives:

It is our hope that Rock the Trades evolves into a big tent movement, with broad participation from partners across the industrial sector—employers, labor unions, industry organizations, training providers, influencers and other key stakeholders that all share in the imperative for a robust talent pipeline in the skilled trades. The challenge is not an easy one to tackle, but we are far better off going at it arm-in-arm than on our own.

To kick things off on the right foot, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered up with metal sculptor and skilled trades advocate Barbie the Welder to serve as an ambassador for our mission. Over the next few months, she will design, create and reveal a one-of-a-kind, metal art sculpture that reflects what the skilled industrial trades means to her and the tradesmen and -women in the energy, manufacturing and construction sectors.

Photo credit: Keegan Beard

If you’re not already following the force of nature that is Barbie, pick your preferred platform below and follow her and our Rock the Trades project wire to wire. We want to hear from you!

Rock out with Barbie the Welder on:

We’re just getting rolling, so there will be more exciting announcements to come in the weeks and months ahead. To stay plugged in, just head on over to, sign up and receive updates on our programs and progress.

If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can join in on the Rock the Trades initiative, drop us an email.

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