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So, how did a couple of EdTech startup guys end up serving the NDT industry?

If you’d told us a couple of years ago that we’d focus our work on transforming how hiring gets done in industrial inspection, we’d probably have looked at you funny and asked, “NDT? Non-destructive testing? Huh? Never heard of it.” (And we would not be alone.)

Lucky for us, we were tapped by a Silicon Valley incubator to learn more about this global industry and the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

With over 40 years’ combined experience using technology to help people of all ages achieve better outcomes in the classroom, the workplace, or on the job-site, our career-long passion has been enabling humans to reach their full potential.

Bringing fresh perspective and an open mindset to the industrial inspection industry, Team Surehand interviewed hundreds of stakeholders over the past 18 months; asset owners, service providers, and inspectors. Our aim was clear: deeply explore the pain points associated with the industry’s talent ecosystem and gather feedback on potential solutions to address the pain.

We discovered that there is significant friction in how the industry sources candidates for new projects or open positions. Simply put, the old way of doing things just doesn’t cut it anymore.


  • Candidate sourcing and screening is time-consuming and costly
  • Offline networks are siloed by geography and industry vertical
  • Industry certifications and codes are fragmented and complex
  • There is an inherent lack of trust in candidate resumes


  • It is difficult to discover and enter the industrial inspection industry
  • One cannot gain experience without work, but cannot work without experience
  • Career advancement is often constrained by offline, personal networks
  • Job hunting creates a real opportunity cost for working inspectors

Given these challenges, we wondered, “What if we deployed advanced search and machine learning technology to improve the quality and transparency of professional profile data, increasing trust in the hiring process for all involved?”

The result is Surehand, the unlimited hiring platform that lets employers rapidly find and directly engage skilled tradespeople. Workers are only notified about those opportunities for which they are most qualified. Our goal is to provide a more efficient and less costly way for employers to source the best people for the job, while offering tradesmen and -women more visibility and opportunity for advancement.

Along the way, we also discovered that industrial inspection (our initial focus) is one of the most pervasive, yet largely unknown, professions. The cars we drive each day; the bridges we cross; the airplanes we board; the buildings in which we work; and the global energy infrastructure that powers our lives are all secured by industrial inspection professionals.

The steadfast commitment of inspectors to ensure the safety of the world we live in is humbling. The honor and pride that these good people bring to the job site or out in the field inspire us to work harder.

As Surehand’s co-founders, we are dedicated to improving the way industrial employers and job candidates find one another. Our team is motivated each day by the opportunity to reduce underemployment in industrial inspection and ultimately, the skilled industrial trades.

We’re just getting started and moving fast. Collaborating closely with industry, we will revolutionize how work finds workers and workers find work.

Stay safe out there…

CB & Nicholas

Co-founders, Surehand, Inc.

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