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“I can’t wait to sit down and update my resume.”

Said no one. Ever.

The great artist (and self-taught engineer) Leonardo da Vinci is credited with the first use of a resume, when he sent a letter to Ludovico Sforza, the ruler of Milan, in 1482.

That was over 500 years ago.

While the resume has evolved in form and substance over the years, how it is used has remained remarkably unchanged. Moreover, it’s a tool that was designed primarily for white collar professionals and the industries they serve.

At the core of Surehand’s commitment to improve how hiring gets done in the inspection industry, we are re-imagining the industrial resume for the 21st century.

For tradesmen and -women, the ideal resume should be simple to create and keep up-to-date, accessible on the job site or out in the field, and easy to share with prospective employers. For industrial employers, the ideal resume should be complete and accurate, tuned for their specific industry, and make it easier to build their short list of candidates.

To meet these objectives, the Surehand professional profile is industry-specialized, making it easy for inspectors to capture and present their skills, certifications, training, and work experience. It is standardized, enabling employers to rapidly find and compare candidates, one-to-one or one-to-many. In addition, Surehand independently verifies key attributes in inspectors’ profiles, giving employers more confidence when starting a hiring conversation with prospective candidates.

5 tips to make your Surehand profile stand out…

  • Be thoughtful about your work preferences. A resume captures where you’ve been. Work preferences tell employers where you want to go.
  • Create a short bio. Give employers a sense of what’s important to you, what makes you tick in your professional life.
  • Details matter. Primary job responsibilities, inspection methods, codes and standards, and equipment used on the job improve the relevancy of your profile to employer searches.
  • Get verified. Surehand independently verifies industry certifications and training information in inspector profiles. Verified profiles rank the highest on employer search result pages.
  • Put your best foot forward. Your profile is the first impression you make on employers. A complete, accurate, and up-to-date profile shows hiring managers that you are serious about your success.

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Surehand lets inspectors quickly create, edit, or update their profiles via a web browser on any Internet-connected device—mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer. Inspectors may also use Surehand to securely store and access their industry certifications, wallet cards, or other artifacts that might be needed to enter a job site or work on a project.

As an added benefit, Surehand will automatically remind inspectors when an industry certification they’ve saved to their profile is coming up for renewal. And should an inspector need to submit a traditional resume to be considered for an open project or position, Surehand features one-click publishing of a cleanly formatted PDF version of his profile for printing or sharing.

Perhaps the most powerful advantage of the Surehand profile has over the tired old resume is that it is not buried away in some computer file folder. A Surehand profile is “always on,” improving the visibility of an inspector and her skills to hiring managers looking to fill open positions or projects.

It’s time the industrial inspection industry had a better way to resume. We look forward to making it easier for you to land your next, great opportunity.

Stay safe out there…

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