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A better way to find your next industrial job

You know the drill. You’ve spent hours and hours applying to online job postings; responding to emails from third-party headhunters; or shouting into the storm of social media—only to not even get a response, let alone a good job.

Surehand is not a typical job board. We’re focused on changing the old way of finding new work, using advanced search and matching technology to let industrial employers present you with best-fit job opportunities. (Think of us as the dating app for industrial employment.)

Once you’ve created your free worker profile, our Candidate Success team encourages you to follow these three best practices to ensure that your profile gets maximum visibility with our employer partners.

Should you have any questions about starting, completing, or optimizing your Surehand worker profile, feel free to email our Candidate Success Managers at support@surehand.com.


You’ve worked hard to acquire the skills and industry certifications you have. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we can present you with job opportunities that perfectly match your skills, certifications, and work preferences. Be sure to select the skills you used on every work experience or training program you include in your profile and add all current and prior certs you’ve obtained. Our team independently verifies your industry certifications and training records. Worker profiles with Surehand-verified certifications will rank higher to employers in their search results or Job Alert matches.


Let us know whether you are actively seeking new employment from the sidelines; currently employed but open to new opportunities; or currently unavailable. If you don’t want to receive Job Alerts from Surehand, simply set your profile to “Unavailable” until you’re ready to find your next job. And be sure to update your availability on Surehand whenever your circumstances change.


Since Surehand is a not a typical job board, it is very important that you set your notification preferences for Job Alerts and employer messages so that the system can let you know when a great opportunity matches your background and where you want to go next. You may choose to be notified via email or text message or both and change your preferences at any time by clicking on the Settings icon on your dashboard.

In addition to the three tips above, keep in mind that—like all of us—no one likes to be “ghosted.” If an interested employer messages you or you receive a Job Alert from Surehand and you’re not interested, take a few seconds to respond via the app and let them know. (You never know if that employer connection might be a lifesaver in the future.)

Don’t have a Surehand worker profile yet? Getting started is easy. Click the button below to create your free worker profile today and take the first step in embarking on a career in the industrial trades or increase your earning potential.

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