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We all go through ruts and rough spots. But happiness can come from the most unexpected places. Random acts of kindness are the perfect example of this. They arise spontaneously to remind us that things might be better than we give them credit for.

The rise of social media and technology has made it easier than ever to spread the impact of random acts of kindness across the globe. A recent Reddit post highlights this trend beautifully—it shows a bagger machine operator who makes two kids’ days by going out of his way to interact with them. Watch the video below.

Bagger machine operator takes a minute to bring some smiles for kids from r/MadeMeSmile

The video starts normally enough: it takes place on a residential street where there’s some construction work being done. Two kids are standing outside watching the bagger machine operator move dirt from one spot to another along the road.

The kids are fans of the large machine, as they’re watching it move very intently, and have brought a few construction toys outside with them. They seem content to just stand there and watch the machine operator do his job, which is rather heart-touching itself. But what happens next is even more meaningful.

The bagger machine operator notices the kids and picks up some dirt in his grabber. He begins driving over to the kids, as they look on in awe. When he gets to them, he slowly lowers the arm of the machine and drops some of the dirt that he grabbed into each of their construction toys.

The kids are beside themselves in delight. It’s a memory that they’ll likely cherish for a very long time. And thanks to (presumably) their mother who filmed the event, it’s a random act of kindness that we can all appreciate as well. 


The video was shared in the “MadeMeSmile” Sub-Reddit. It’s since received nearly 93,000 upvotes and more than 1,500 comments. Most Redditors were impressed with the precision with which the driver was able to operate the machine. A user named “Buckaroo_Banzai_” summed it up nicely with a simple, “My man’s got mad skills.”

Other users spoke about how trade workers who are experts at their crafts like this machine operator rarely receive the respect they deserve in the United States. They commented about how many people can operate a bagger machine but few can do so with the precision that the driver in the video demonstrated.

The conversation then evolved into a discussion of how valuable it can be to begin a career in a skilled trade. Commenters mentioned how easy it is to find a job for some skilled trade workers and how the money that they make often rivals or even surpasses what’s made by office workers.

So maybe this video was the inspiration that you needed to start looking into a career as a bagger machine operator. If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is a bagger machine?

A bagger machine is an excavator that’s used to prepare job sites for their intended purpose. For example, the bagger machine that you see in this video seems to be preparing the street for an upgrade or addition of some sort. Other bagger machines might be used to prepare a plot of land for a new home or to prepare a mine to be worked on.

Bagger machine operators fit into the broader employment category of machine operators. These are workers who specialize in the operation of complex machines. If you want to operate bagger machines, then you should prepare yourself to get hired as a machine operator in the construction industry.

A day in the life of machine operators

The average day of a machine operator can vary greatly based on the industry that they work in. For example, there are machine operators who work with:

Of course, one of the main tasks of a machine operator is to operate these machines so that they can carry out their intended function. But employees in this role may also be asked to complete several other tasks on an average day.

For example, some manufacturing machines operate automatically. The machine operator’s role would be to set the machine up and monitor it as it runs. They’ll pay close attention to the objects that the machine creates and will inspect them to verify that they have the desired traits.

Machine operators may also be called upon to repair and maintain the machines that they work with. They might sharpen the machine’s tools or replace malfunctioning parts that don’t require the machine to be disassembled entirely.

Machine operators also spend some of their time interpreting blueprints. They do so to ensure that the machine that they’re operating meets all of the specifications laid out by the engineers who created it.


The conditions that a machine operator works in will also vary based on the industry that employs them. Manufacturing machine operators tend to make a bit less than other specialties because they work indoors in relatively comfortable conditions.

Specialties like construction and mining machine operators can face much harsher working conditions. They work outdoors even in extreme weather and may often find themselves in both high and enclosed spaces. But machine operators who have to work in these conditions tend to make more because of it.

The traits machine operators need

Employers who hire machine operators look for a certain set of traits in their applicants. So it stands to reason that if you have these traits or develop them, then you’ll significantly increase the likelihood of finding a machine operator job. Here are some of the main traits that you should focus on.


The best machine operators are highly accurate with the machine that they use. The video of the bagger machine operator bringing a smile to the kids on the street is the perfect example of this. 

It shows just how valuable accuracy is in a machine operator. So focus on mastering the machine that you plan on operating if you’d like to find employment in this field.


Machine operators also need to be skilled at what they do. But being skilled at operating the machine that you plan on using won’t be enough to stand out to employers. You also need to possess the ability to complete all of the tasks that are related to operating that machine.

For example, you’ll have to be able to interpret blueprints without asking someone for help. You’ll also need to be able to set up machines, maintain them, and even make minor repairs when the need arises.


Of course, you won’t just develop the accuracy and skill that you need to become a great machine operator overnight. You need to work at these things. And the best way to do that is by pursuing a machine operator education.

The base educational requirement for a machine operator is a high school diploma or its equivalent. But many machine operators choose to continue their education with either an associate’s degree or the completion of a technical certification program.

Programs like these teach aspiring machine operators everything that they need to know before entering the workforce. You’ll learn how to read blueprints, use various types of computer-controlled machines, and complete the types of math that you’ll need to know as a machine operator, among other things.


Employers also look for experience in the machine operators that they hire. If you don’t have any, then it might be worth looking into an apprenticeship program. These allow you to learn alongside experienced machine operators who can teach you practical lessons about what it takes to make it in the industry.

When you apply for jobs, you’ll also want to highlight any other types of relevant experience that you may have. Traits like technical skills, reliability, and working well in a team setting are all worth mentioning. And the best way to showcase these is by talking about how you displayed them in previous jobs.

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