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Surehand is the on-demand hiring platform that instantly matches employer needs with verified inspector profiles.

As an inspection professional, you’ve devoted yourself to ensuring the safety of the world around us. It’s more than a career—it’s a way of life.

As an inspector, you shouldn’t have to spend your down time updating resumes, submitting job applications, or worrying about landing your next position or project.

As a hiring manager, you shouldn’t have to struggle to find the right inspection talent for open positions or projects.

With 40 years’ combined experience using technology to help people of all ages excel in the classroom, the workplace, or on the job site, Surehand’s co-founders are deeply committed to reducing underemployment in the skilled industrial trades—revolutionizing how work finds workers and workers find work.

Based in Morgan Hill, CA, Surehand.com is owned and operated by Surehand, Inc.

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